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2018 Live MotoGP Calendar Schedule

Schadule Motogp 2018 | Who is the one who does not know the prestigious motorcycle racing event World, where in it followed by various big motor manufacturer, namely MotoGP. Following this racing event is a dream for the racers, because not only can get a lot of money, but if you win every race, of course in addition to scent the country of origin racers, and the brand that shelter, but also catapulted his name on the world scene.

Different from the 2017 season, where most people are full of hope with the legend, namely Valentino Rossi to become the number one driver, this time maybe my friend as automotive lovers have moved hearts, because there are many new names that managed to climb the podium, call only Johann Zarco, himself listed as the best rookie. The title was successfully achieved with the result of hard work, even in the final clasmen, Zarco managed to finish in order to 6.
MotoGP Calendar
Country Circiut Date Time
Qatar Losail 18 Mar
Argentina Río Hondo 09 Apr
America The America 23 Apr
Spain Jerez 06 May
France Le Mans 20 May
Italy Mugello 03 Jun
Catalunya Barcelona 17 Jun
Netherlands Assen 01 Jul
Germany Sachsenring 15 Jul
Czech Brno 05 Aug
Austria Red Bull 12 Aug
England Silverstone 26 Aug 10:00a
San Marino Misano 09 Sep 8:00a
Spain Aragon 23 Sep 8:00a
Thailand Chang 07 Oct 3:00a
Japan Motegi 21 Oct 1:00a
Australia Island 29 Oct 11:00p
Malaysia Sepang 04 Nov 2:00a
Valencia Ricardo 18 Nov 8:00a
Then there is Marc Marques, who is as the champion, managed to subvert his opponents. Although not everyone likes the action when in the circuit, because it is often a desperate action, which can harm his opponents, but thanks to what he did, it delivered him to get the first podium at the 2017 MotoGP event, with a total achievement of 298 points, more high compared to Andrea Dovisioso with Ducati team with 261 points.
2018 Live MotoGP Calendar Schedule
As for the Vale legend 46 can only get a total point of 208. But you need to know, the results obtained by the legend is quite incredible, because when talking age, Vale 46 is the oldest, because it has stepped on the head 4, but the spirit and skill it is clear that no one can match it. Could be, in the next year 2018, Vale46 will get the first podium, considering what happens in MotoGP can not be predicted. Then there is another name that is likely to become a major competitor Marquez and Vale46, such as Maverick Vinales, Dani Pedrosa, Daniel Petrucci, or Jorge Lorenzo can also now begin to adapt to Ducati, after a team with Vale 46. Apart from all the latest news revealed that Dona Sport has released the 2018 MotoGP schedule, at least there are some surprises in it, because one of the Asian countries managed to enter as the host, who is it, my friend can direct MotoGP 2018 Complete Schedule that will be aired on Trendztv television stations, the following.