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Match Schedule of Manchester City FC in England Premier League 2018/2019

Manchester City Match Schedule for the Budding Citizens If you like Manchester City, I have with me a Manchester City match schedule that you can refer to if you get lost in your fandom. August 25th: City will come into contact with Wolves After a nice big victory against Huddersfield before, City will face Wolverhampton Wanderers when the clock strikes 12.30PM BST. The match will take place in Molineux Stadium, the den of the Wolves. City will be the team that challenges the Wolves in their resting place, and I believe this will be an interesting clash.
Match Schedule of Manchester City FC in England Premier League 2018/2019
Wolves is a team that got promoted last year, making them eligible to play in the big league now. Sure, they do not have enough star power when compared to City, but they do have fully tested players like Rui Patricio and Joao Moutinho. That is right, folks. Wolves got Moutinho, a Portuguese player with a nice set of international experience underneath his belt. Whether or not he can play on the same level as City’s De Bruyne remains to be seen. If I have to bring my own prediction to the table, I will put City ahead in this match.

Sure, Wolves has spent a considerable amount of money to bring new faces to the team, but City still got the whole area of the team covered. City will win the game for sure, even when they are the away team. In the first of September, Newcastle United will face the reigning champions The first of September will see City face Newcastle. The game, of course, will be played in Etihad, City’s base camp. The away team is managed by Rafael Benitez, a top-notch manager with achievements in Spain (with Valencia. Undoubtedly Valencia’s best season), England (with Liverpool. Again, undoubtedly one of Liverpool’s best season), and Italy (With Napoli. This one is a bit grey, though).

Manchester City FC Match Schedule
Premier League Wolves Man City 25 Aug 6:30p
Premier League Man City Newcastle 1 Sep 11:30p
Premier League Man City Fulham 15 Sep 9:00p
Premier League Cardiff Man City 22 Sep 9:00p
Premier League Man City Brighton 29 Sep 9:00p
Premier League Liverpool Man City 7 Oct 10:30p
Premier League Man City Burnley 20 Oct 9:00p
Premier League Tottenham Man City 28 Oct 11:00p
Premier League Man City Southampton 3 Nov 10:00p
Premier League Man City Man Utd 11 Nov 11:30p
Premier League West Ham Man City 24 Nov 10:00p
Premier League Man City Bournemouth 1 Dec 10:00p
Premier League Man City Watford 5 Dec 2:45a
Premier League Chelsea Man City 8 Dec 10:00p
Premier League Man City Everton 15 Dec 10:00p
Premier League Man City Crystal 22 Dec 10:00p
Premier League Leicester Man City 26 Dec 10:00p
Premier League Southampton Man City 29 Dec 10:00p
Premier League Man City Liverpool 1 Jan 10:00p
Premier League Man City Wolves 12 Jan 10:00p
Premier League Huddersfield Man City 19 Jan 10:00p
Premier League Newcastle Man City 31 Jan 2:45a

Predictions abound, and if you are someone with a friend who likes Newcastle, your friend might want to avoid reading this because I am leaning towards City. Benitez is a good manager with a good team, and that result has brought him back to the Premier League after a season in the Championship. While that is a good feat on its own, we have to remember that playing in the Premier League and playing the Championship are two different things. City just won the Premier League last season, this kind of says that City definitely know how to beat the other top teams. I do not think that Newcastle can hold the City wave.

Fulham will face City in the 15th of September Precisely at 3 PM BST, Etihad will be the host to Fulham FC. Fulham FC, at the moment, is a team that gets its bombastic players from loans. We have names like Andre Schurrle, Callum Chambers, and Luciano Vietto as the players on loan in the team. You can be sure that those names are names that are known to the football world (especially Schurrle).
However, I do not think the players will be enough to face City. Even if City was to bring its second layer of players on this match, I think that City still has a chance to win. That is not weird considering City spent the last season with little loss to their name. Hope I can help you with this Manchester City match schedule.