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Match Schedule of Arsenal FC in England Premier League 2018/2019

In the second week of the Premier League, the hot match between Chelsea and Arsenal finally ended with the victory of the Blues. In a match that was held at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, 18th of August 2018, Chelsea successfully won 3-2 over Arsenal. Then, what is the next game that they should play? You can check on the Arsenal’s Schedule of Matches as follows.
Match Schedule of Arsenal FC in England Premier League 2018/2019
The previous match results Chelsea managed three goals scored by Pedro Rodriguez Ledes at the ninth minutes, Alvaro Morata at the twentieth minute, and finally Marcos Alonso at the eighty-first minute. Meanwhile, Arsenal managed to score two goals, through Henkrik Mkhitaryan at the thirty-seventh minute and Alex Iwobi at the forty-first minute. With this result, Chelsea successfully moved up to the first seat with a score of six points. While Arsenal is getting immersed in the seventeenth rank with zero points.

Arsenal FC Match Schedule
Premier League Arsenal West Ham 25 Aug 9:00p
Premier League Cardiff Arsenal 2 Sep 7:30p
Premier League Newcastle Arsenal 15 Sep 9:00p
Premier League Arsenal Everton 23 Sep 10:00p
Premier League Arsenal Watford 29 Sep 9:00p
Premier League Fulham Arsenal 7 Oct 6:00p
Premier League Arsenal Leicester 23 Oct 2:00a
Premier League Crystal Arsenal 28 Oct 8:30p
Premier League Arsenal Liverpool 4 Nov 12:30a
Premier League Arsenal Wolves 11 Nov 11:30p
Premier League Bournemouth Arsenal 25 Nov 8:30p
Premier League Arsenal Tottenham 1 Dec 10:00p
Premier League Man Utd Arsenal 5 Dec 3:00a
Premier League Arsenal Huddersfield 8 Dec 10:00p
Premier League Southampton Arsenal 15 Dec 10:00p
Premier League Arsenal Burnley 22 Dec 10:00p
Premier League Brighton Arsenal 26 Dec 10:00p
Premier League Liverpool Arsenal 29 Dec 10:00p
Premier League Arsenal Fulham 1 Jan 10:00p
Premier League West Ham Arsenal 12 Jan 10:00p
Premier League Arsenal Chelsea 19 Jan 10:00p

The next match On August 25, there will be a Premier League match between Arsenal and West Ham United. The match will be held on the third week at 21: 00 pm in VenueEmirates Stadium, London. As we know, Arsenal has a very good record. In the last five game, this team managed to win three matches. Although The Gunners – Arsenal’s nickname – should experience a 3-2 defeat in a match against The Blues, the team which was founded in 1886, still can get an opportunity to keep playing in this season’s Premier League. Despite the defeat, Arsenal also has a high point to compete in the league. But the Gunner’s coach must still change all the formations and composition of the players.

Meanwhile, West Ham United also have a very good record. With three wins from the previous match, The Irons will face Arsenal with confidence. But, the hammer’s – another nickname of West Ham United – coach, Manuel Pellegrini, was very worried about the mainstay striker who suffered a defective. He thought that he must strengthen the back line to hold the attack from the opposition team. All of this tactic should be done in order not to experience a decrease in points. As we know, the decrease point will be very dangerous for the West Ham team.

Arsenal’s Record This game will be highly favored on the Arsenal team if we observe the excellent record in the last 5 matches, as well as from the head 2 head record. Arsenal has never been defeated by West Ham. On December 2016, the Gunners successfully scored 5 goals, defeating West Ham which could only score a goal. Arsenal also won two of three matches that were held last year, leaving one tied game. In the last match on April 2018, again, the Hammer should admit the 4-1 defeat from Arsenal. In addition, the following head to head record also shows that Arsenal will likely be predicted as the winner of the next match. After knowing the Arsenal’s schedule of matches and their previous matches record, what prediction that you can make about this team for this season’s Premier League?