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Bhayangkara FC - Massive changes took place within the main team of Bhayangkara FC, where management did not renew the contract of nine players at once. The new players joined Polri and police students included Maldini Pali, Alsan Sanda, Mukhlis Hadi Ning, Dinan Javier, and I Made Wirahadi and Dendy Sulistyawan. With no renewal of the nine-player contract, the Bhayangkara FC squad is determined to be dominated by young players with police status. Even so, the management still retained a number of non-police players who performed neatly last season. They are Evan Dimas, Hargianto, Zulfiandi, Revelation Tri and Dani Saputra.

Watch Bhayangkara FC Match Today Live Streaming Free

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