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Real Madrid Match Schedule Season 2017/2018

Real Madrid Match Schedule Season 2017/2018 - Real Madrid is one of the best clubs in Europe and the world. Real Madrid is a football club from Madrid, the Spanish air. In total they have 33 Spanish La Liga titles, 19 Coppa del Rey titles and 9 Supercoppa de Espana titles. At European level, they become the best club with a total of 12 Champions League titles where the title of twelve achieved in 2016-2017 by beating Juventus. In addition, they also collected two Europa League titles, 2 UEFA Super Cup and 3 Intercontinental Cup.

Real Madrid Match Schedule Season 2017/2018

In the summer transfer market this time, Real Madrid is not very active in buying new players. maybe coach Zinedine Zidane still has a good option to keep players who have been trained with real madrid. meanwhile, the arrival of Theo Hernandez and Dani Ceballos to Los Blancos to coat underfunding gets a breeze for the squad of the Real Madrid team.

Meanwhile, not long ago Real Madrid has officially released the back number for the players. The Spanish Football Federation has its own regulation on the number of backs on each team. Entire clubs are only allowed to put one to 25 points in each uniform that players wear. here for those of you who want to know the full schedule of real madrid matches below:

Real Madrid Match Schedule
01 August 2018
7:00 AM
. Man Utd Vs. Real Madrid
05 August 2018
5:00 AM
. Real Madrid Vs. Juventus
08 August 2018
7:00 PM
. Real Madrid Vs. AS Roma
16 August 2018
1:15 AM
. Real Madrid Vs. Atl├ętico